About this Greyhound


Racing Name
Date of Birth
1 year old
Ear Tattoos
Country of Origin
United States

Will’s life began on the racetrack, where he didn’t receive much training. However, since joining CGA, he has made tremendous progress and is thriving, all thanks to professional training. He’s demonstrating himself as a quick learner and is eager to please. With ongoing guidance and positive reinforcement, he’s destined to become an even more well-behaved and obedient companion.

This endearing and sweet-natured boy has a heart of gold. He is sociable and gets along with other dogs, but we believe he could also thrive as an only dog, provided someone is home for a significant part of the day to play with him and assist in his ongoing training. While we haven’t conducted a cat compatibility test with him, his friendly disposition suggests that he may adapt well to feline friends.

Will’s affectionate and easygoing personality makes him a great match for families with children. He’s patient and understanding, making him an ideal playmate for kids of all ages.