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Volunteer Positions


If you are interested in a volunteer role, please apply and indicate which position you are interested in.

Open Positions

Lost Dog Coordinator

Time Commitment: As Needed

Key Responsibilities:

  • Regular communication/point person with dog owner/foster
  • Request key details/photos from dog owner/foster
  • Notify Board of Directors
  • Draft/coordinate with social media point person to post details on social media channels (e.g., where lost, when, photo/description, what to do if sighted)
  • Solicit volunteers to help search/amplify messaging (maintain list of on call volunteers to help search)
  • Notify/ensure local Animal Control is aware
  • Recommend posting on local and CT social media channels (e.g., relevant animal groups, community pages, lost pet sites)
  • Ensure lost dog posters are drafted/printed/posted/removed
  • Coordinate delivery/set up of greyhound trap, if needed
  • Share tips to maximize search efforts/successful capture
  • Provide regular updates, especially when dog is found

Haul Volunteers

Time Commitment: Generally once per month

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assist with picking up and driving incoming hounds to foster homes (or to centralized locations)
  • Ability to drive to Boston Logan Airport (cargo area) or Greenwich, Connecticut (exit 3 off of I-95)
  • May require the ability to break down wooden crates (used for shipping dogs) at Logan Airport, and either dispose of or find an appropriate agency/organization to repurpose crates

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