Adopting a retired racing Greyhound through Connecticut Greyhound Adoption is a simple process. Potential adopters must fill out a CGA Adoption Application which may be completed online or the applicant may download the form (click here to download), complete and mail the application form to us. Please note that downloading the form and mailing it in will result in a delay in adoption process. To ensure your application is attended to in a timely manner, we suggest using the online application.

Adoption applicants will be contacted by a CGA representative and a meeting will be scheduled during which any of the applicant's questions may be answered. The adopter's preferences in a Greyhound will be discussed along with a review of available hounds so that a compatible match between hound and home can be made.

Connecticut Greyhound Adoption - GPA

Before filling out your application please keep in mind that this is a 10-12 year commitment on your part. Everyone in the household needs to be in agreement that adding a greyhound is the right decision. If you or someone in your family is still on the fence, stop by one of our events and see some greys up close. Ask us questions at the event, our volunteers love to talk about their greys. We ask that once you fill out an application you initially work with us and have thought this through. This prevents different groups from doubling their efforts and volunteers from becoming discouraged. We look forward to working with you.

Due to increasing costs of vet care, food, state regulations and gas we must unfortunately increase our adoption fee.

Effective February 1, 2019 CGA's Adoption Fees will be $400. The adoption fee for a dog that graduates from the prison program is $500.

CGA Application

  • CGA/GPA reserves the right to deny an application at any point during the process.


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