About Fostering

Your foster must be kept indoors as a house pet. Greyhounds have no fur or body fat to shield them from temperatures, have always been kept indoors in temperature controlled kennels, and are accustomed to being inside around people.

Your foster's personality will slowly develop and bloom. You'll need to document their developing personality, likes and dislikes and the occasional photo. This information will be posted on their web page and shared with their new family.

Foster parents also usually help with final adoption by coordinating a meeting with a potential adopter once an application and home visit are completed by a CGA representative.

Foster Application

  • By initialing you are agreeing to the following terms. You have a desire to be a foster parent for CGA and that you have read and will follow the Fostering Guidelines.Each time you get a foster dog, you will receive the Foster Report Card Form/Foster Dog Information.When your foster is adopted, we will ask you to share the information on the form with the new adopter.

  • CGA/Greyhound Pets Of America and its officers, directors, employees and volunteers shall not be liable for any damages or injury caused by this greyhound while in foster care. The foster family agress to hold harmless and defend CGA/Greyhound Pets of America, its officers, directors, employees, and volunteers from any claims, lawsuits and damages resulting from the conduct of the greyhound.


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