October 2019


Happy Fall!

The cooler weather is here and we have some good information to get your pet ready for it. Check out this link for some great tips on keeping your dog (and you) happy and healthy during the fall season. It includes tips on keeping your pups safe during Halloween.



Glucosamine for Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia
By Dr John Katakasi BVSc (Hons)
For over 20 years glucosamine has been used to ease the pain associated with arthritis and hip dysplasia. It has proven to be one of the safest and most effective treatments for the sometimes crippling effects of osteoarthritis.
Glucosamine is considered a nutraceutical, falling into the same class as vitamins, and therefore cannot be patented. For that reason there has been very little interest from the large pharmaceutical companies in developing a product. However, because of the overwhelmingly positive results achieved with the use of glucosamine in the treatment of osteoarthritis, more companies are now developing glucosamine products.
The most common joints in dogs affected by osteoarthritis are the hips. Hip dysplasia, common in many larger breeds of dog, greatly increases the rate of degradation of the smooth cartilage lining the bony surfaces of the hip joints. When the cartilage is worn to the point of creating bone on bone contact, the result is pain. This type of arthritis can also affect knees, elbows and shoulders.
Typical signs of arthritis include limping or stiffness, particularly in the mornings or colder weather, which usually improves once the dog has moved around and warmed up. Dogs that respond well to glucosamine treatment are usually middle aged to older, medium to large breeds that are still relatively active. I believe it is important to have movement of the joint to help the body be able to incorporate glucosamine into the structure of the joint. Arthritis also affects smaller dogs and cats that can also benefit from glucosamine treatment.
It is common for people to associate their dog’s reduced activity level with old age and not realise that the real cause are the arthritic changes in their joints. Many people are surprised at the increase in activity noticed after starting glucosamine treatment.
Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance found in animals, the highest concentration being in cartilage. The digestive process makes almost all the glucosamine in an animal’s diet unavailable for use. Instead, the body synthesizes most of its glucosamine from glucose, however, as the body ages it is unable to keep up with the demand for glucosamine. This is when supplementation can be helpful.
The most reliable source of supplemental glucosamine is that from the shell of crustaceans, which have a very high concentration of chitin. Glucosamine is derived from the hydrolysis of chitin and because the shells are often discarded they are also a cost effective source of supplemental glucosamine.
How does glucosamine work?
In simplified terms, cartilage contains cells called chondrocytes (among others) and they are responsible for creating new cartilage. Cartilage is constantly being broken down as it is used. An older dog or a dog with hip dysplasia cannot provide the chondrocytes with enough building blocks to keep up with the level of production to replace the old cartilage. Supplementing with glucosamine provides the building blocks for the manufacture of new cartilage.
Are there any side effects?
There have been very few reported side effects over the 20 years that glucosamine has been used. On the very rare occasion a dog will vomit or get diarrhoea when first given this product. Reducing the dose or giving it with food usually alleviates these symptoms.
The safety of this product allows long term use. It is recommended that once dogs have been started on glucosamine and show benefits they stay on it for the rest of their life. Ceasing glucosamine treatment will result in the return of joint cartilage degradation. Usually after the first eight weeks of initial treatment(the healing process) the dose can be reduced to maintain the effects.
Although glucosamine can be used with most other drugs and vitamins with no adverse effects, it is recommended to seek veterinary advice before adding any new product or drug to your dog’s regime.
Can I use glucosamine with painkillers?
Many pets will have been prescribed anti-inflammatories for osteoarthritis before they begin glucosamine treatment. Many pets can be weaned off or at least have reduced doses of these medications within weeks of beginning glucosamine supplementation.
How long can I keep my dog on it?
Glucosamine supplementation is an ongoing treatment. Once the damaged cartilage has been healed (up to eight weeks) the dose of glucosamine can usually be reduced to maintain joint health. If glucosamine treatment is stopped you will normally see a return of symptoms.
Can it be used to prevent hip dysplasia?
No, glucosamine treatment cannot prevent hip dysplasia but it may ease the associated pain



SAVE THE DATE - Annual Chilly Dog Walk

December 7, 2019 11am-1pm

Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk, South Windsor, CT

Meet and Greets

Stop by one of our several meet and greets throughout the month. Our volunteers and their hounds would love the company!

  • Bethel Petvalu - Saturday 10/19 from 12-2pm
  • West Hartford Pet Supplies Plus - Sunday 10/20 from 12pm to 2pm
  • Ridgefield Pet Valu - Saturday 11/2 from 12pm to 2pm
  • Clinton Petco - Saturday 11/2 from 1pm to 3pm
  • Glastonbury Pet Valu - Saturday 11/9 from 1pm to 3pm
  • Bethel Pet Valu - Saturday 11/16 from 12pm to 2pm


October 17th Update

Three more hounds have found their forever home!

-Tryst adopted by Susan

-Cathy adopted by Maureen and Matthew

-McLaren adopted by Pamela


August 19th Update

We had 5 hounds find their forever home!

Congratulations to:

Trapani - adopted by Ken

Molly - adopted by Tom and Mary

Sage - adopted by Tom and Mary

Tryst - adopted by Caitlin

Doc - adopted by Roxanne

July 31st Update

We welcomed 5 new fosters and had 1 hound find their forever home!

Congratulations to:

Tommy - adopted by Molly

Barnicle - adopted

June 30th Update

We had 10 hounds find their forever home!

Congratulations to:

Salsa - adopted by Jason and Marissa

Benny - adopted by Stephanie and Tyler

Bay - adopted by Kevin

Lola - adopted by Dawn, Steve, and Kelsey

Ric - adopted by Alana

Terrance - adopted by Steve

Webster and Boulder - adopted by Doug

Bae - adopted by Willow

Mystery - adopted by Tina

May 31st Update

We had 4 hounds find their forever home and welcomed 13 new fosters! 

Congratulations to:

Blackie - adopted by Anne

Tequila - Katherine 

Ayden - adopted

Keds - adopted

April 30th Update

We had 6 hounds find their forever home! 

Congratulations to:

Waylon - adopted by Susan

Tommy - adopted by Nicolle

Amethyst - adopted by Sarah

Nolan - adopted by Karin

Jack - adopted by Leslie

Goo - adopted

March 31st Update

We had 8 fosters arrive and 4 hounds found their forever home! 

Congratulations to:

Snuffles - adopted by Milena

Bridget - adopted by Brittany

Dinah - adopted by David and Nicolette

Gizmo - adopted by Meag Foy-Anderson

February 27th Update

We had 3 new male fosters, 1 female foster, and 10 hounds have found their forever home! 

Congratulations to:

Sinker - adopted by Doug and Wendy

Hazel - adopted by Matt and Maureen

Scamper - adopted by Lisa and Joseph

Misty - adopted by Melissa

Sandy - adopted by Kelly

Sabbath - adopted by Lauren

Martha - adopted by Francesca

DJ - adopted by Ryan and Peter

Blue - adopted by Davy and Becky

Damen - John and Tracey

January 31st Update

We have 7 new fosters and 6 hounds found their forever home! 

Congratulations to:

Blizzard - adopted by Kristen and Alexander

Thunder - adopted by Dylan

Red - adopted by Tracy and Rob

Alibi - adopted by Connie

Free - adopted by Clayton

Veni - adopted by Alex

December 31st Update

We have 5 new female fosters and 5 more hounds found their forever homes! 

Congratulations to:

Olive - adopted by Steve, Karen, and Caden

Sid - adopted Mary Beth

Godzilla - adopted by Deb

Ami - adopted by Joel and Lisa

Jet- adopted by Emma and Shawn

November 30th Update

We had 3 new fosters arrive and five more hounds found their forever homes! 

Congratulations to:

Hero - adopted by Jeff and Fran

Sabbath - adopted by Jarrod

Seven - adopted by Horace

Darius - adopted by Cathryn

October 30th Update

Four more hounds found their forever homes! 

Congratulations to:

Dancy - adopted by Sally and Wayne

King - adopted by Steven and Jennifer

Papa - adopted by Francene and Rose

Star - adopted by Lindsey and Kyle

September 30th Update

Five more hounds found their forever homes this month and four new fosters joined us

Congratulations to:

Sidney - adopted by Andrew

Oshkosh - adopted by Andrew

Luna - adopted by Colleen and Holly

Burst - adopted by Adriana and Lina

Mason - adopted by Breana

Welcome to Starr, Dancy, Sabbath and Kingpin!!!

August 26th Update

August was quite a busy month for CGA.  We brought up 8 gorgeous new hounds in a 2 week period.  Welcome to Carly, Kim, Darius, Oshkosh, Luna, Sidney, Mason and Burst.

4 deserving hounds found their forever homes.  Congratulations to:

Smoke - adopted by Kevin and Roger

Kim(now JK Eva) - adopted by Steven and Kim

Carly - adopted by Matt and Gina

Phoebe - adopted by Rob and Tracy

July 27th Update

In July we welcomed Smoke and Nina to the foster crew.  We also had a few adoptions as well!

-Nina adopted by Nicole and family

-Boss adopted by Tom and Lisa

-Roxy, now Sami, adopted by Jodie and family

April 29th Update

April 29th Update

The month started off with a bang and ended with one as well. We had 9 deserving hounds go on to their furever homes during National Greyhound Adoption Month. Hooray!!

  • Ambassador adopted by Bruce
  • Gunner adopted by Marcus
  • Sugar Babe adopted by Sandy
  • Katie adopted by Holly

April 15th Update

April 15th Update

National Greyhound Adoption Month has started off with a bang! We brought up 5 new fosters on the 7th and have several adoptions to report. Welcome to Little Man, Flo, Sugar, Katie and Gazelle!

  • Betty Boop adopted by Dan
  • Cozy adopted by Vic and Gail
  • Flo, now Ellie, adopted by Paula
  • Gazelle, now Elsie, adopted by Jo-ann and Harry
  • Remy adopted by Lucas

March 21st Update

March 21st Update

Since our last update we brought up several hounds, some of which have already settled into their forever homes. We welcomed, Trixie, Levi, Kassandra, Red, Remy, Cozy and Betty. We will have their pages up soon!

  • Levi adopted by Patrick
  • Maddie adopted by Pamela and Patrick
  • Red adopted by Jacob and Angela
  • Trixie adopted by Nick and Sandra

February 4th Update

February 4th Update

On January 20th our first haul of 2018 brought us 5 gorgeous hounds from West Virginia. We welcomed Harlem, Lightning, Cody, Maddie and Ambassador. As of today, 3 of those lucky hounds have found their forever home

  • Lightning adopted by Toshi and Kerry
  • Harlem adopted by Tara and Anthony
  • Cody, now Archie, adopted by Paula and Greg
  • Mister adopted by Linda

December 26th Update

December 26th Update
  • Van/Coach adopted by Diana, Larry and Juliana
  • Honey adopted by Jamie
  • Mama adopted by Jonathan

November 25th Update

November 25th Update

On November 18th 6 new pups were brought up from West Virginia. Welcome to Ray, Forrest, Honey, Blue, Mister and Van!!

We also said farewell to these lucky pups that went to their forever homes:

  • Sadie, now Penny adopted by Davy and Becky
  • Darla adopted by Michael and Karina
  • Mama adopted by Gail
  • Ray adopted by Alyia and Max
  • Forrest adopted by Jess

October 29th Update

October 29th Update

No tricks just treats this month. Three new fosters came in from West Virginia. We welcomed Mama, Cuda and Darla to our foster crew. We also brought back Rex into foster care through no fault of his own.

As quickly as they came in, our newest pups are either adopted or pending adoption. This month's lucky hounds are:

  • Shamu adopted by Gillian and Robert
  • Rex adopted by Nancy
  • Cuda adopted by Faith
  • Aubrey adopted by Chris and Erika
  • Piper adopted by Dawn and PJ

Congratulations to both hounds and hoomans!

September 29th Update

September 29th Update

It was another great month for CGA hounds. On September 9th six gorgeous hounds traveled here from West Virginia and a week later we brought one up from Alabama. Aubrey, Gunner, Irie, Shamu, Scooter, Piper and Dora joined Boomer, Hero and Legend in the foster gallery. As of today 4 of them are in their forever homes and 2 are pending adoption tomorrow and one is in the Connecticut Prison Greyhounds program and pending adoption when she graduates.

Our four lucky hounds so far this month are:

  • Legend adopted by Jayne and Erik
  • Irie adopted by Wendy and brother Manny
  • Dora, now Vella, adopted by Kate and Michael
  • Boomer adopted by Kathy and Jeff

Congratulations to all!

August 25th update

August 25th update

What a successful month! After bringing up Whitney and Lucy to round out the month , all 6 new fosters and 2 other lucky hounds were adopted into loving homes:

  • Hooch adopted by Brian
  • PJ adopted by Samantha
  • Lucy adopted by Chris and Emily
  • Whitney adopted by Sarah and Jeremy
  • Joan adopted by Deb and William
  • Brad adopted by Meag
  • Silky adopted by Nancy and Kevin
  • Elvis adopted by Jane

August 1st Update

August 1st Update

We welcomed 4 new fosters this month. Joan, Philly, Hooch and PJ made their way up north to find their furever homes. Welcome to CT!

As we welcomed our new fosters, 2 more deserving pups went home since our last update:

  • Wynn adopted by Kelly and Chris
  • Philly adopted by Lynn and Clarence


July 16th Update

July 16th Update

Two new fosters to tell you about. Check out Wynn and Legend on our Available Hounds page.

We have had 3 adoptions since our last update.

  • Olivia adopted by Bob and Nancy
  • Summer adopted by Eric and Elise
  • Dusty adopted by Maureen and Chris

Congrats to everyone!

June 25th Update

June 25th Update

We welcomed two new fosters last week. Check out Brad and Olivia's pictures on our Available Hounds page.

Since our last update 5 deserving hounds went home:

  • Sage adopted by Bonnie and Ed
  • Brooke adopted by Kevin and Jessica
  • Wynn adopted by Leila
  • Lucy adopted by Kelly
  • Natalie adopted by Julie

Congratulations to all!

May 25th Update

May 25th Update

Three new fosters arrived this week. We welcomed Brooke, Dusty and Summer. Check out their pictures on the Available Hounds page!

And on the flip side, three hounds went to their forever homes so far this month.

  • Shayden adopted by Margie and William
  • Ryan adopted by Steven and Kimberly
  • Robbie adopted by Michelle
  • Frank adopted by Agnieszka and Daniel

CONGRATULATIONS to Krystal and her girl Q!! Q recently passed her Canine Good Citizen test and became a Certified Pet Therapy dog. We are so proud!

Connecticut Greyhound Adoption - GPA

A Big CONGRATS TO Theresa And Abbie!
One of our adopters, Theresa, and her little girl Abbie, are now a certified Pet Therapy Team! Way to go girls!!!


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