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Two greyhounds and their owner hiking on a trail

Discover the Joy of HOUND Hikes!

Calling all greyhound lovers! CGA enjoys getting greyhound enthusiasts and their dogs together at local hiking trails. We encourage you to submit location suggestions for future hound hikes. Whether it’s a scenic trail, a dog-friendly park, or a hidden gem you’ve discovered, we want to hear from you!

Want to take the lead? Become a hound hike host and create unforgettable moments with the support of CGA. Share your passion, plan the route, and guide fellow hound enthusiasts on a memorable hike.

Whether you want to suggest a location – or host a hike – please contact us today. Let’s explore the great outdoors together, one paw at a time!


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Volunteer Positions

Connecticut Greyhound Adoption is looking for volunteers to help with various tasks related to greyhound adoption. There are a number of ways to help.