December 2020

Christmas Greyhound

What a year this has been! COVID-19 has impacted nearly every part of our work, from conducting home visits remotely, safely transporting dogs, facilitating adoptions in a socially distanced manner and reducing our ability to host meet and greets and fundraisers.

We have also seen a significant uptick in adoption applications in 2020. We are working as hard as we can to get dogs and prepare them for adoption. Vetting is exponentially more expensive here than in the south. More dogs also require more foster families or, when not available, additional boarding costs.

We know we are not alone in our struggles and recognize that everyone is trying to navigate these unprecedented times as best they can. We are so thankful to our community for continuing to support our mission, whether it is adopting, fostering, donating, advocating, or some combination thereof. Your interest and investment continue to make a measurable difference in our retired racers’ transitions to their forever homes.

If you have the ability to give this year, or have creative ideas about fundraising, we would be extremely grateful for your input and generosity. Please be on the lookout for a holiday auction starting soon! We hope we can count on you to donate, bid and spread the word. If you have the capacity to foster, you can make a tremendous impact in a few short weeks.

Thank you again for your continued commitment to the hounds. On behalf of all of us at CGA, we wish you a safe and healthy holiday season and New Year!


Holiday Hound Auction on Facebook!  Bidding starts on November 28th and the auction is over promptly at 6pm on December 12th.  There are lots of great items to bid on so please check it out!  We really need to raise money to cover our vetting expenses for all of our gorgeous fosters

Meet and Greets

Stop by one of our several meet and greets throughout the month. Our volunteers and their hounds would love the company!

  • Clinton Petco January 2nd from 1-3pm!


-Dude adopted by Risa

-Oaklyn adopted by Claudia and Stephen

-Sam adopted by Eric

-Tornado adopted by Jose

-Tyrone adopted by Matt and Aleena

-Brownie adopted by Jayne

-Timmy adopted by Caroline 

-Elliot adopted by Howell and Andre

-Benny adopted by Joshua

-Aspen adopted by Dina

-Becky adopted by Christina 

-Battle adopted by Yvonne

-Twist adopted by Janelle

-Sally adopted by Andre and Amelia

-Billy adopted by Sarah

-Kade adopted by Joe

-Match adopted by Alexandra and Jacob

-Reggie adopted by Sue and Tim

-Ledge, now Tiegen, adopted by Heidi and Rebekah

-Carter adopted by Ed and Kerin

-Beaver adopted by John and Peg

-Lancer adopted by Stephen

-Wicked adopted by Brian and Louise

-Rocki, now Hazel, adopted by Deidre

-Mac adopted by Lisa

-Kraft, now Beau, adopted by Donna and Tom

-Rylee adopted by Erin and Joshua

-Biloxi adopted by Heather

-Taffy adopted by Susan

-Baylor adopted by Kathleen and Dennis

-Jenny adopted by Karen and Steve

-Wendie adopted by Howard

-Drew adopted by Nicolette

-Tribe now Georgini, adopted by Chanelle and Zack

-Orrick adopted by Sara and Brendan

-Evangeline adopted by Keith and family


Congratulations to our latest pups who went to their forever home:

-Jax by Joseph and Kathy

-Image by Tierney

-Donnie by Gayle and Hank

-Rayzen by Jeff

-Karma by Wendy

-Satine by Erick and Rachel

-Tally by Donna and Gregory

Congratulations to our latest pups who went to their forever home:

-Rockford, now Rocket by April

-Grammy by Jenna

-Cobi by Doug and Judy

-Talia by Danyel and Jason

-Grace by Katie and Taylor

-Moline by Marley and Albert

-Antonia by Joseph and Mary

Congratulations to our latest pups who went to their forever home:

-Bo adopted by Louis and Marie

-Frankie adopted by Bernice

-Kaique adopted by Andrew and George

-Drew adopted by Carmel and Frank

-Satin adopted by Arif 

-Cheers adopted by Kristine and Daniel

Congratulations to our latest pups who went to their forever home:

-Query adopted by Lindsey and family

-Cheer adopted by Megan and Derek

-Fit adopted by Dan and Rich

-Banjo adopted by Marianne and Domenick

-Star adopted by Kathy and Mary

-Farah adopted by Barbara and James

-Hoppy adopted by Betsy

-Sunny adopted by Ed

-Sterling adopted by Ryan

Congratulations to these pups who all went home in the month of January

-Shining adopted by MaryJo and fur sister Sophie

-Eddie adopted by Breanna and Jason

-Charlie adopted by Joe and Kerry

-Briar adopted by Randell and Patty

Congratulations to our newest adoptees!

-Gig, adopted by Ysabelle

-Fire, now Finn, adopted by Rebecca and Sean

-Ida adopted by Jacquelin

-Laddie adopted by John and Shelly

Congratulations to our newest adoptees!

-Shamrock, now Tina, adopted by Allison and Alex

-Amanda adopted by Natalia and Wojciech

-Zombie adopted by Kelcie and Johnny

Three more hounds have found their forever home!

-Tryst adopted by Susan

-Cathy adopted by Maureen and Matthew

-McLaren adopted by Pamela

We had 5 hounds find their forever home!

Congratulations to:

Trapani - adopted by Ken

Molly - adopted by Tom and Mary

Sage - adopted by Tom and Mary

Tryst - adopted by Caitlin

Doc - adopted by Roxanne

We welcomed 5 new fosters and had 1 hound find their forever home!

Congratulations to:

Tommy - adopted by Molly

Barnicle - adopted

We had 10 hounds find their forever home!

Congratulations to:

Salsa - adopted by Jason and Marissa

Benny - adopted by Stephanie and Tyler

Bay - adopted by Kevin

Lola - adopted by Dawn, Steve, and Kelsey

Ric - adopted by Alana

Terrance - adopted by Steve

Webster and Boulder - adopted by Doug

Bae - adopted by Willow

Mystery - adopted by Tina

We had 4 hounds find their forever home and welcomed 13 new fosters! 

Congratulations to:

Blackie - adopted by Anne

Tequila - Katherine 

Ayden - adopted

Keds - adopted

We had 6 hounds find their forever home! 

Congratulations to:

Waylon - adopted by Susan

Tommy - adopted by Nicolle

Amethyst - adopted by Sarah

Nolan - adopted by Karin

Jack - adopted by Leslie

Goo - adopted

We had 8 fosters arrive and 4 hounds found their forever home! 

Congratulations to:

Snuffles - adopted by Milena

Bridget - adopted by Brittany

Dinah - adopted by David and Nicolette

Gizmo - adopted by Meag Foy-Anderson

We had 3 new male fosters, 1 female foster, and 10 hounds have found their forever home!

Congratulations to:

Sinker - adopted by Doug and Wendy

Hazel - adopted by Matt and Maureen

Scamper - adopted by Lisa and Joseph

Misty - adopted by Melissa

Sandy - adopted by Kelly

Sabbath - adopted by Lauren

Martha - adopted by Francesca

DJ - adopted by Ryan and Peter

Blue - adopted by Davy and Becky

Damen - John and Tracey

We have 7 new fosters and 6 hounds found their forever home!

Congratulations to:

Blizzard - adopted by Kristen and Alexander

Thunder - adopted by Dylan

Red - adopted by Tracy and Rob

Alibi - adopted by Connie

Free - adopted by Clayton

Veni - adopted by Alex

CONGRATULATIONS to Krystal and her girl Q!! Q recently passed her Canine Good Citizen test and became a Certified Pet Therapy dog. We are so proud!

Connecticut Greyhound Adoption - GPA

A Big CONGRATS TO Theresa And Abbie!
One of our adopters, Theresa, and her little girl Abbie, are now a certified Pet Therapy Team! Way to go girls!!!


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