St Patrick's Day Greyhound



2022 began as a typical winter in New England weatherwise...pretty much expected and anticipated. What was not so much anticipated was the surge in COVID cases due to the Omicron variant, which once again has impacted life and business "as usual". However, life goes on and we all need to figure out how to navigate safely through this while continuing to live our lives and look forward to fulfilling our goals.


At the direction of the CGA Board of Directors, we are moving forward. Here is an update of our year-to-date activities and our plans for the rest of the year...



  • We welcomed our first two Irish Greyhounds on January 13th at Logan Airport as part of the GPA- Irish Greyhounds to America program...Kango & Buttons. We are scheduled to welcome two more in February!
  • We promoted the "Betty White Challenge" surrounding what would have been her 100th birthday and were successful in raising funds for CGA.


  • We expect to receive another 4 or 5 greyhounds from West Virginia in early February.
  • We are planning an on-line "Flash Auction" of some great items including some very cute tote bags designed and created by one of our youngest volunteers. If you have any items that you would like to donate, please let us know. Stay tuned for more details...
  • Don’t miss the deadline to submit your greyhound photos for a chance to have your pup highlighted in the beautiful 2023 Celebrating Greyhounds calendar.  The deadline is March 1st...more info will follow on how to submit photos.


  • St Patty's Day promotion...we will be featuring our Irish Greyhounds to raise funds to continue bringing Irish Greyhounds here.


  • "The Great Give"...we have been invited for the second year in a row to participate in raising funds for NFP's through the Greater New Haven Foundation. This was a great success for CGA last year and hopefully will be this year as well.


  • We are planning to have an in-person Summer event!


  • Our annual picnic at Camp Sloper...always a fun day to get together with all of our adopters, volunteers and hounds!


  • Plan to attend out annual Chilly Dog the first weekend in December.


We will continue to update our plans and activities. As always... we are seeking new volunteers for foster homes, home visits, transportation, and (optimistically...new Meet & Greet events. We are also in need of foster supplies (coats, crates, dog beds, etc.).


Covid 19 continues to impact our ability to have any in person fundraising events.  As a result, our funds are getting dangerously low.  If you can make a donation we would appreciate it very much. Thank you!!




Meet and Greets

Stop by one of our meet and greets throughout the month. Our volunteers and their hounds would love the company!


-Adam, adopted by Michael

-Ozzy, now Snoopy, adopted by Evan and Amberlee

-Atomic, now Gunner, adopted by Steven and Robin

-Nova, adopted by Tara

-Trish adopted by Matt and Maureen

-Lisa adopted by Doug 

-Callie adopted by the Wallersteins

-Cruise now Cruz, adopted by Kathy and Mary

-Lucky, adopted by Danielle and Jacob

-Dennis, adopted by Daniel

-Roscoe adopted by Sharon and Tony

-Pancake adopted by Tamey and Kenneth

-Precious adopted by Ellen

-Raylin adopted by Jenna and Nick


-River adopted by Loretta

-Fiona adopted by Juliette

-Crown adopted by Kelly and Thomas

-Lucky adopted by Sandra and Chris

-Rava adopted by Paul

-Dixie adopted by Diane and Steve

-Sally adopted by Barbara and Dan

-Closer adopted by Melissa and Edward

-Trish adopted by Heather

-Misty adopted by Virginia

-Dan adopted by Carol

-Quest adopted by Christina and Spencer

-Johnny adopted by Kathy and Mary

-Luciano adopted by Samantha

-Knox adopted by Louis and Marie

-Tinman adopted by Patricia

-Rye adopted by Carol

-Aura adopted by Cristina, John and Pels

-Lovey, now Lexie, adopted by Hollis and Dorothy

-Roxy, adopted by Todd and Sandra

-Lurch adopted by Lexi

-Crown adopted by Loretta

-Jamie adopted by Jane and Vernon

-Kane, now Loki, adopted by Seth

-Patsy adopted by Michelle

-Samantha adopted by Alison

-Kodak adopted by Brandon

-Ram adopted by Justin and Elizabeth

-Gemma adopted by Greg

-Brice adoped by Paul

-Klink adopted by Sierra

-Yamaha adopted by Valerie

-Rumble adopted by Cheryl and Luca

-Sara adopted by Gerda and Len

-Tesla adopted by Shana and Edward

-Eric adopted by Kathryn and Justin

-Stroker and Kona adopted by William and Kimberlie

-Malou adopted by Katelynn

-Saka adopted by Megan and Derek

-Trisha adopted by Daniel and Laurie



-Nigel adopted by Julia

-VJ, now Penny adopted by Leah

-Boo, adopted by Cynthia

-Smarty Jones adopted by Shana

-Ben adopted by Jen and Brian

-Superman adopted by Zachary

-Zen adopted by Ed

-Nissan, now Nike, adopted by Eliza

-Confetti, now Wendy, adopted by Nena and John

-Sally adopted by Shannon

-Godiva adopted by Kathryn

-Iron Man, now Carson, adopted by Wendy and Doug


-Dee, now Ellie, by Barbara

-Chirl by Nancy

-Goldie, now Tony, by George and Kim

-Pixie by Marlene

-Billy adopted by Alexander

-Batman, now Casco, adopted by Meredith and Mark

-Guy adopted by Erin

-Lynn, now Abby, adopted by Mercy and John

-Yamaha, now River, adopted by Nicole

-Lucky adopted by Pascale

-Phil adopted by Emma

-Mama, now Ruthie, adopted by Amy and Jim

-Aries adopted by Megan

-Pam adopted by Steve and Robin



-Ant Man adopted by Paula and Carl

-Bren adopted by Steve

-Singer adopted by Kristen and Alexander

-Bean adopted by Joe and Rita

-Ghost adopted by Jared

-Dude adopted by Risa

-Oaklyn adopted by Claudia and Stephen

-Sam adopted by Eric

-Tornado adopted by Jose

-Tyrone adopted by Matt and Aleena

-Brownie adopted by Jayne

-Timmy adopted by Caroline 

-Elliot adopted by Howell and Andre

-Benny adopted by Joshua

-Aspen adopted by Dina

-Becky adopted by Christina 

-Battle adopted by Yvonne

-Twist adopted by Janelle

-Sally adopted by Andre and Amelia

-Billy adopted by Sarah

-Kade adopted by Joe

-Match adopted by Alexandra and Jacob

-Reggie adopted by Sue and Tim

-Ledge, now Tiegen, adopted by Heidi and Rebekah

-Carter adopted by Ed and Kerin

-Beaver adopted by John and Peg

-Lancer adopted by Stephen

-Wicked adopted by Brian and Louise

-Rocki, now Hazel, adopted by Deidre

-Mac adopted by Lisa

-Kraft, now Beau, adopted by Donna and Tom

-Rylee adopted by Erin and Joshua

-Biloxi adopted by Heather

-Taffy adopted by Susan

-Baylor adopted by Kathleen and Dennis

-Jenny adopted by Karen and Steve

-Wendie adopted by Howard

-Drew adopted by Nicolette

-Tribe now Georgini, adopted by Chanelle and Zack

-Orrick adopted by Sara and Brendan

-Evangeline adopted by Keith and family


Congratulations to our latest pups who went to their forever home:

-Jax by Joseph and Kathy

-Image by Tierney

-Donnie by Gayle and Hank

-Rayzen by Jeff

-Karma by Wendy

-Satine by Erick and Rachel

-Tally by Donna and Gregory

Congratulations to our latest pups who went to their forever home:

-Rockford, now Rocket by April

-Grammy by Jenna

-Cobi by Doug and Judy

-Talia by Danyel and Jason

-Grace by Katie and Taylor

-Moline by Marley and Albert

-Antonia by Joseph and Mary

Congratulations to our latest pups who went to their forever home:

-Bo adopted by Louis and Marie

-Frankie adopted by Bernice

-Kaique adopted by Andrew and George

-Drew adopted by Carmel and Frank

-Satin adopted by Arif 

-Cheers adopted by Kristine and Daniel

Congratulations to our latest pups who went to their forever home:

-Query adopted by Lindsey and family

-Cheer adopted by Megan and Derek

-Fit adopted by Dan and Rich

-Banjo adopted by Marianne and Domenick

-Star adopted by Kathy and Mary

-Farah adopted by Barbara and James

-Hoppy adopted by Betsy

-Sunny adopted by Ed

-Sterling adopted by Ryan

Congratulations to these pups who all went home in the month of January

-Shining adopted by MaryJo and fur sister Sophie

-Eddie adopted by Breanna and Jason

-Charlie adopted by Joe and Kerry

-Briar adopted by Randell and Patty

CONGRATULATIONS to Krystal and her girl Q!! Q recently passed her Canine Good Citizen test and became a Certified Pet Therapy dog. We are so proud!

Connecticut Greyhound Adoption - GPA

A Big CONGRATS TO Theresa And Abbie!
One of our adopters, Theresa, and her little girl Abbie, are now a certified Pet Therapy Team! Way to go girls!!!


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