About this Greyhound


Racing Name
Lee Silver
Date of Birth
Ear Tattoos
61 lbs.
Dark Brindle
Country of Origin
United States
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Meet Lee, an irresistibly adorable and spunky little girl searching for her forever home. Bursting with energy and fun, Lee is a delightful companion who thrives on human connection. Her affectionate nature shines through as she loves to be with her humans, following them around and expressing her love through sweet kisses. Lee has seamlessly integrated into a household with young children, a resident cat, and another dog, showcasing her adaptability and friendly disposition.

As she continues to grow, Lee is making remarkable progress in her leash walking skills and is developing a positive relationship with her crate—a cozy retreat during her humans’ brief absences. While Lee’s ideal home would include the company of another dog, her charming personality and willingness to learn make her a promising solo pup with a touch of patience and training. Prepare for a life illuminated with joy and warmth as Lee, this sweet and endearing girl, becomes a cherished part of your family, bringing boundless love and happiness into your home.