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Miss Ivy is a 9 year old smarty pants mama dog. She is here to answer all your questions about greyhounds. Have a question you'd like to ask Miss Ivy? Remember to be polite and respect your elders! Scroll down for previous questions. “

Dear Miss Ivy,

Last fall my grey was diagnosed with Thrombocytopenia likely the result of a tickborne disease. I know that Frontline is the gentlest of flea and tick treatments but what do you think about Nexguard and it's efficacy? My vet is pushing it.

Thank you.

Dear Wondering,

Miss Ivy hasn't used Nexguard herself but knows other greyhound folks have.

Most of the time it seems like people switch because the Frontline stops working against fleas and ticks or bothers their greyhounds. It sounds like your grey might be needing something different to fight off the ticks. (Miss Ivy just hates those little bugs – they make me itch and scratch.) I’m sure your guy feels the same.

Thank you for your question!

Dear Miss Ivy,

How often is it necessary to have a grey’s teeth cleaned by the vet under anesthesia? I do not want my dog to have to have any teeth extracted. However, I understand greyhounds are very sensitive to anesthesia. I clean her teeth regularly with chicken enzyme toothpaste.

Dear Clean Teeth,

Miss Ivy has had her teeth cleaned nearly every day since retirement. Can’t say that I like it very much but it’s better than a trip to the vet (which I had to do once when I first retired). Clean your greys’ teeth often and keep plaque away! The vet will know when its necessary to have your grey’s teeth cleaned or if teeth need to be pulled. Some greys go several years without needing the vet’s attention and others are not so lucky if damage has already occurred. Do your best to clean her teeth every day and avoid loss of teeth or tartar buildup. Start slow and your girl will soon learn to love the toothpaste and your attention.

According to my hoomins, eating hard kibbles is better for your grey’s teeth than soft canned food, and some treats help keep teeth health. (Miss Ivy is all for those yummy treats my hoomin’ gives me before they leave the house!) For more information the hoomins’ say to go here – how to clean teeth and examples of food and cleaning toys and treats:

Thank you for your question!

Dear Miss Ivy,

Do males get along better with females? Females/females? Males/males? Depends? I want a companion for my girl.

Dear Companion-Seeker,

Personally, Miss Ivy prefers having the boys as my bunk mates. I can boss them around and they listen! I am very experienced on bossing (I mean training) the new guys and have practiced the “look” to keep them off my bed or my spot on the coach. Your girl Sunny might be like this, too, since she is the reining queen or maybe she is lookin’ for a handsome guy to cuddle up to. It does happen, I hear, that another girl grey can fit right in, too! I has a brudder and a sister and they both pay attention when I give them the “look”. I find it depends on the grey and their personality. The adoption folks are real good at figurin’ out who makes a good match. We greys pretty much love hangin’ with each other, and a meet ‘n’ greet is always a good plan before adoptin’ a new one for your family.

Get in touch with our adoption leader and I know she’ll find the right one for you and Sunny!

Miss Ivy thanks you.

Dear Miss Ivy,

What volunteer opportunities do you have for youths?

Dear Youthful volunteer,

Miss Ivy is excited that you are looking for ways to help us! Older children of the volunteers in CGA often help out with fundraising activities and group events. Every; month we have a bunch of Meet & Greets, and always need volunteers to come down and talk to the people who stop by our station. A youth who wanted to help could connect with the hoomins that go to a Petco nearby once a month.

Fill out our Volunteer form and with your age and interests at One of our adult volunteers will be in touch pretty quick to talk about ways you can help our kind.

Thank you for your interest!

Dear Miss Ivy,

I have a question about the CGA foster program and other volunteer opportunities. Can you give me a quick brief description about what a foster mom does? What other volunteer work is there?

Dear Volunteer,

Miss Ivy is ‘greyt’ful you are looking to help my brudders and sisters find their forever homes. I hear there is lots to do, although Miss Ivy thinks we greyts are just so easy going and adaptable, err, adoptable. Well, you know what I mean. So the hoomins have this process to make sure all of us get really “greyt” homes and it takes a village of greyt-lovers to make that happen.

If you go to the Volunteers and Foster sections, you can find all about these important things hoomins do to help us go on our way. There’s also a ‘greyt’ question on fostering from another hoomin way down below – one of the first things I answered a question on. Foster moms and dads have a really important job to help a new guy adapt to this retired life—getting on a different kind of schedule, taking walks, riding in the car (Miss Ivy LOVES riding in the car), learning about other kinds of pets (who knew?), and stuff like that.

Volunteers are always needed to go to these Meet ‘N Greets at Petco stores – so other hoomins can learn how ‘greyt’ having a greyhound can be – and lots of other events that CGA has. Some people go visit new adopters, help take us from the track to foster homes, and lots of other fun things.

Miss Ivy hope that answers your questions, cause they were big’uns. You can always call the hoomin hotline at 860-836-5049 if you want to talk some more.


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