Connecticut Greyhound Adoption - GPA
Connecticut's Greyhound Pets Of America Chapter
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Avon, CT 06001
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CGA Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a retired racer.  If you still aren't certain that a greyhound is the right fit for you, check out our quiz.  Don't worry, it's not graded or anything!  It's just a more info and things you might not be aware of.  A volunteer will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

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We will contact your veterinarian for a reference; please contact his/her office and authorize them to speak with us concerning your adoption. We suggest that you talk to your veterinarian about your decision to adopt a retired racing greyhound. If you do not have pets, please supply the name of another reference who is not related to you. Please provide vet's/reference's name and phone number*:
I am interested in adopting a retired racing greyhound and certify that I have answered all questions honestly and to the best of my ability. I understand that greyhounds are sight hounds and must be kept on a leash or in a secure, fully fenced area when outside. I also understand that greyhounds are strictly house dogs and are not suited to outside living. If I adopt a greyhound and am unable to keep the dog for any reason, I will return the dog to Connecticut Greyhound Adoption-GPA. Please re-enter your name to verify you have read and agree to abide by the agreement*:

CGA/GPA reserves the right to deny an application at any point during the process.