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Abe, 04/12/05 - 01/04/10

Abe (Fuzzy's Montana) passed away due to complications during his neuter. Abe was a gentle soul, and one of those dogs that you just couldn't help but fall in love with at first sight. He didn't make it to a forever home, but he was loved by many. Godspeed, Abe, and run with the wind.

    "To Our Boy Abe~We are so lucky we were graced with your loving, goofy self for a wonderful week. You came in a little unsure of things but quickly learned what a home was all about. It was great to watch you explore and build your confidence everyday. I loved to hear you call me when I left your side and smiled when you would run around the yard in the snow. You were so gentle with the girls, careful with the cat, and not quite so sure what to think of the pug, a true gentle soul, with a laid back spirt, you have secured yourself a very special place in our hearts. Here on Earth you were meant for us... we are your forever home... but as Gabrielle said "You were adopted by the Angels!" We love you!! And miss you!! Much Love!! Amy, Randy, Payton, Gabrielle (when we made the decision to foster we knew it would be difficult because each dog takes a piece of you with them, we truly treat every dog like they are our family... so even though on paper Abe was our foster... he was really in his forever home)"

"We got the call last night about Abe Babe thats what we called him in the kennel. All i can say is that i am happy he got to go to a home with a loving family . Abe was just a cool dog and i am so sorry he had to leave so soon.Terry and Mike"

    "To Abe my Babe we were best friends from they day we met. I have missed you so much looking at all your pictures from the kennel, all the good times we had, extra cookies right out of the cookie bucket. You were the SWEETEST DOG bless you, love you, Brenda"

"I had always loved Abe while he was at the track- I will miss the quiet wisdom in his beautiful eyes and his kindness. Go in peace, dear boy; know that you touched the hearts of many. With love, Heidi"

"I met Abe when we went to Raynham to profile dogs. I knew he was special the first moment he came out. We all thought about him after that and looked forward to bringing him to Connecticut. Although he never made it to a "forever home", he spent his week here with the most wonderful foster family where he was truly loved. He touched everyone at CGA who met him. May he rest in peace. Cynthia"

"So sad that Abe did not have more time. A beautiful dog with a beautiful soul ~ deb"

    "What a beautiful boy. Rest in everlasting peace, sweet Abe God Bless you, Abe. Run with the hounds in heaven." 

    "I am so, so sorry. Your precious gift of Silver to my home and heart has made me feel like they're all "my fosters" too! Bless you -- run with the Angels, Abe." 

    "Dearest Abe, May you forever run free as you cross the RAINBOW BRIDGE to be with your brother's and sister's before you.You will be sadly missed and forever loved your eternal flame will forever burn . Until we meet again GODSPEED my boy. Donna - Raynham"

    "You are free now Abe. Run with the wind, bark at the moon and eat all the cookies you want."

    "It's a shame he wasn't adopted. He's such a gorgeous animal that looked like he had such personality!"

    "If I could have had a fourth greyhound - I think it would have been Abe. I absolutely fell in love with him form the time I saw his picture." 

    "So sorry about Abe." 

    "So sorry about Abe. Nellie, Lovie, Lily, BB Adams and Bill, Mary Ellen and Don Adams." 

    "He was a gorgeous boy, what could possibly have gone wrong during a procedure such as that"