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Connecticut's Greyhound Pets America Chapter
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Stay tuned for our new website!  
We apologize that our current site has not been updated in a while. We are hard at work building a new and improved one.  In the meantime, check out our Facebook page for updates on fosters and adoptions.  The page name is CGAGPA.  Thanks!

October Events

CGA will have a booth at the CT Pet Show for the second year in a row. In addition to over 150 breeds of dogs and 100 breeds of cats, the show has over 125 vendors. In addition to all of these exciting features, the Connecticut Pet Show offers the pet loving public an opportunity to learn more about responsible pet ownership and the care of your beloved pets, with exhibits for pet sitting, grooming, a wide variety of pet foods, boarding, training and health concerns. You can also shop for collars & leashes, bedding, clothing for pets and people, gifts and decorative accessories and a whole lot more! We could really use some help at this show. It's a very long day for the dogs so if you can volunteer for a 2 or 3 hour shift with your hound, we would greytly appreciate it!

Bring your hound out to an event soon!!!


Lots of Adoptions and a New Foster Crew!!
First, let's take care of the adoptions!

Sophia, adopted by Jack
Wrangler, adopted by Heidi & Derek
Tanner, adopted by Susan

Now that that's out of the way, say heeeellooooo to the new foster crew!  Meet Babe, Fergie, Julie, Lisa, Logan, Rex & Sterling!

Adoption Update!
It's been a busy summer!!!  We just can't keep the houndies in stock!  Congrats to the following!

Scarce, adopted by Euclides
Lilly, adopted by Tammy
Ty, adopted by Fran
Johnny, adopted by Jason & Akiko
Stormy, adopted by Mary

Congrats to everyone!  Now bring your new friend to the CGA Picnic so he can see his buddies!

June Adoption Update!
Another big month here at CGA, congrats to all the following

Allie, adopted by Harry & Elizabeth
Atlas, adopted by Brian
Charlie, adopted by Tara
Eva, adopted by Holly
Gimmie, adopted by Josh & Brittany
Mitch, adopted by Marie
River, adopted by Nancy
Shelly, adopted by Andy

Way to go guys!  Congrats to hooman and houndies!!!!

Big Foster & Adoption Update!!

Where to begin?  We added a bunch, we adopted a bunch!  We've been busy helping hounds find awesome forever homes!  Ya!  Let's start with the new foster crew.  Say hello to Charlie, Eva, Mitch, Rosie & Shelly!  You better check them out quick, these pups are just flying off the shelves!!

 Now on to the adoption update.  It's a big one and in no particular order!

Basil, adopted by Ben, Kelly and family
Rider, adopted by Jay & Darla
PJ, adopted by Pamela
Hawk, adopted by Michele
Trent, adopted by Jean & Mark
Foxy, adopted by Dorothy
Judy, Red, Anna, BoeKenny, Nita, Dillon and Roise were also adopted!  Way to go everyone!!!!

A Big CONGRATS TO Theresa And Abbie!
One of our adopters, Theresa, and her little girl Abbie, are now a certified Pet Therapy Team!  Way to go girls!!!

Two More Fosters Added!
We added to new fosters today, PJ & Trent.  Check them out before they are gone!

Two More Adoptions To Report!!

Congrats to Missy & Rocky!  They both found forever homes this week!  Missy was adopted by Dan & Ines, while Rocky was adopted by Ariel & Neil!  Way to go!!

New Fosters Added

Four more foster pups were added today!  Say hello to our latest crew, Anna, Jazzlyn, Nita & Omar!

Big Adoption Update!!
Ok everyone, we have quite a few lucky hounds that found forever homes since our last update!  They are as follows:

Ty, adopted by Krista & our first official adoption of 2016!!

Ryder, adopted by Nancy & Claude

Speedy, adopted by Jessica & Kevin
Tina, adopted by Fran
Quigley, adopted by Carrie

Congrats everyone!!  And while we are at it, let's not forget to say hello to Missy, our newest foster!

Congrats To Emie, Bindie & Bogey!

Emie, Bindie & Bogey have found forever homes!  Emie has been adopted by Wendy, Bindie by Stacey & Joshua!  While those three lucky pups found forever homes in time for the holidays, our latest foster crew are still looking for theirs.  Say hello to Dillon, Dude, Ryder, Speedy & Tina!

Adoption & Foster Update
We have a few more adoptions this month and of course some new foster to ooo and aaahh over!  First up, the adoptions!

Mikey, adopted by Chris and Gayna
Rory, adopted by Kelli & Nicholas
Turbo, adopted by Meredith
Vinny, adopted by Drew & his family

Congrats!  Hope you guys are all spoiled rotten in your new homes!  Now on to our new foster crew.  Say hello to Bindie, Emie and Rocky!  Surely they won't be in foster care too long!

More Pups Find Forever Homes!
Good news for Chip, GeorgeJelly, Bo, Moola & Spry!  They all found forever homes!  Chip was adopted by Paula & Carl, George was adopted by Alexandra & Jelly was adopted by David & Karen!  Bo was adopted by Rita & Joe, Moola was adopted by Sue & last but certainly not least, Spry was adopted by Michael & Celia!!  Congrats to all!

Three More Adoptions & Two More Fosters
It's been a steady summer so far, with three more adoptions to report.  Congrats to Ginger, who was adopted by Carey, Jasper, who was adopted by Carrie & Chuck and Xander, who was adopted by James! 

As some hounds find their forever homes, the journey to a forever home starts for others.  Meet our newest fosters, Chip & Jelly.  Maybe they will end up being yours?  Fill out your application and they could be!

More Adoptions & Fosters!
Congrats to Bailey & Telly!  They found forever homes!  Bailey was adopted by Sally & Derek and Telly by Suzanne!  Congrats!

While we are at it, let's say hello to our newest fosters, meet Bogey, George, Jasper & Red!

Greyhound Adoption Month Was Busy!
We had a busy month here at CGA & there's still time for another adoption!  Maybe it's yours?

Chris, adopted by Brian & Jennifer
Dallas, adopted by Nick & Colleen
Jethro, adopted by Matt & Maureen
Lady, adopted by Virginia
Leo, adopted by Nancy
Liz, adopted by Thea & Alex

Congrats to everyone!  Now bring your new friend out to an event soon!  We love to see adopters at events!!